Elliptical pulleys

Beside the elliptical gears, we can also manufacture Elliptical Pulleys the function of which is the same as the elliptical gears.

What they are

Elliptical pulleys have the same feature as elliptical gears, and that is to say they get a variable speed on the driven shaft. Automatic, textile, printing, and labelling, etc. machinery manufacturers can use them.


They can be used in a wide range of applications: to help the cut of rotary blades, to make the job of a pusher softer, to make a welder more effective, etc.
You can choose elliptical gears if the axles are close together, but it is more convenient to opt for the pulleys if the axles are far away from each other. In those cases where the dimensions are substantial, the pulleys may have the advantage of being quieter.


Elliptical pulleys for timing belts are pulleys that have a non-circular pitch line that nevertheless keep the generation appropriate for the belt's winding.
The driving pulley has the feature of determining the change of speed established by the difference between the smaller radius and the larger radius of the pulley itself.
The driven pulley's profile has a shape that allows the belt to always be taut. The need to install a backstand on the mechanism can be avoided by using this stratagem.


The pair of pulleys can be made for the various ratios - both the rpm and the speed ratio. In any case, we have to also take into account the number of teeth on the belt since the pulleys and belt will have their own phases during assembly. The pulleys will be supplied with a reference to the axles and the belt will have markings for the teeth.
These assembly references will prevent the pulleys' phase displacement.

Materials and balancing

The pulleys can be made with any metal: aluminium, steel, bronze, stainless steel, etc.
If the driven pulley takes on an accentuated ellipse shape, a balancing operation with holes or milling is recommended..