Mr. Nanni Silvano has gained experience in mechanics working as engineer for machine tool equipment in a company based in Bologna exporting world-wide. During his ten-year experience, he had the chance of facing many different machining problems. At twenty-six, in 1971, Mr. Nanni decided to establish its own company, NANNI INGRANAGGI. In the first working years a customer inquired for elliptical gears, Mr. Nanni got immediately enthusiastic about this new subject and started making plans for all necessary tooling. As often happens when making things for the first time, he made many mistakes and a lot of material and tools were thrown away but since Mr. Nanni is a resolute man he continued his tests.
At last the first elliptical gears fitted onto the control tool started rolling. The result could hardly be accepted but things could always be improved. At this stage he needed a computer for reckoning the ellipse values and other useful data for the manufacture of elliptical gears. A computer was bought and tools improved. Also a machine tool duly changed for the new work was purchased.
Gear quality was remarkably improved and the first customer was happy with the supplied goods. Now other customer should be found to make good use of the expensive tooling.

Elliptical gears are not very popular, mostly because of the problems for their manufacture. We feel that we have reached a good quality level both in designing and manufacturing elliptical gears. We are supplying our elliptical gears to several international companies on regular basis.
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