Elliptical gears and their applications

Rotary Motion
Angles of Rotation
Elliptical gears are mostly needed by manufacturers of automatic machines, especially in the printing and textile industry. Sometimes the rotation speed of a shaft, pusher, blade, sealer needs to be changed within the same turn. Elliptical gears actually change a rotary motion with steady speed into a rotary motion with variable speed within the same turn. The degree of speed variation depends on the distance between the ellipse focuses.
And in all those cases in which the speed of the driven shaft needs to be changed within the same turn.
Different and variable ratios are available -with properly used sets of three and four- for automatic machines handling different product sizes.

Elliptical gears can be of different materials according to the Customer's needs: steel, bronze, nylon and bakelised fabric.
Proper instruments ensure a good rolling of the pairs: gears are also checked after being heat treated if cementation and hardening or induction-hardening on gear teeth is required, so as to remove possible deformations. Elliptical gears for high rpms can also be balanced, on Customer's request. All gears have suitable reference marks for a proper assembly as they need to be assembled with a certain timing.